Jan 02

By Earlene L.

I didn’t make it to see the ball drop but Norm and I had a fun New Years day. I made a big breakfast and after cleaning up we took off for the day. We went to an estate sale in Lansing and Norm found his prized possesion ( his idea anyways) and I gave in. He deserves it and it iactually doesn’t look to bad really.

Not too bad is it?After we left the estate sale we went to the Mega Mall in Lansing.I found 4 more sweet small funnels and a grungy tin box to use as a planter in my garden this year. Afterwards we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, our favorite place to get a steak, melts in your mouth so tender!When we got home took down the rest of the decorations and all done until next Christmas.

Sunset in the romm for you to see.Today was beautiful sunny weather!!!!Finally :0)
Time to get busy with more housework before it gets to dark and can’t find my dust bunnies!Have a wonderful evening.HugsEarlene

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