Back from Florida last night!

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Feb 22

By Earlene L.

Norm and I spent 2 full weeks in Niceville Florida and had a good time with warm great weather except rain one day! Not bad hey, we timed that just right with weather that was here in Michigan.We stayed at an Airbnb for the first time, first time I ever heard of it until I googled places to stay in Niceville and several popped up.That will be another post later but I had to show these pictures from the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky. We spent the night in this town on the way down and always have to visit here.Remember 2 years ago when a sinkhole took over part of it? Check this out…..they retrieved all the cars, but 2, I think?

This yellow dome was a re-enactment
of the floor falling in from the cave with sound effects, no thanks, walked right out but Norm thought it was cool.
No way did I look down here!

Now my question was, too afraid to ask, why in the world would you build on top of a cave?You can also watch a …read more

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