It was a birdhouse weekend in Ohio!

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Nov 12

By Earlene L.

Top 2 and the one below

And these other two
The van below is a 2011 Grand Caravan Norm went to a U of M auction at the fairgrounds a few weeks agoand bought it. Now I don’t have to climb into his huge pickup to haul treasures and let me tell you it was difficult. I had to use a ladder to get in it and hard climbing into the cab too.Love my new van, using it to go to the Breckenridge Primitive show on Saturday.

My last 2 pumpkins for Fall with a beautiful sunset/
Lost our power this morning and back on now. Was getting pretty cold in here. Very strong blizzard winds today and I think continuing untill Saturday.
Enjoy the rest of your day!Earlene
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