Garden spot in the works

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May 04

By Earlene L.

Hope all of you have enjoyed your weekend. The weather has been perfect and the moonrise coming out right now is breathtaking to say the least!! I wanted to get a picture but batteries are dead and I am dead tired and too lazy to go get some at the Dollar Store.I wanted to show you our work in progess garden spot next to our barn. I think it will look nice once the plants start to grow more. I planted Tyme, Hollyhocks and Hens and Chicks. the table is a steel make do my husband made long time ago and was sitting in a junk pile.Norm made the wood door out of boards cut from Ash trees on our property.

This spot was full of tall weeds, cement blocks, steel posts and few other pieces of junk. He cleared it all out and one day! I’m not kidding it was a mess!

What have you been working on in your yard?It’s a labor of love! To me anyways, never feels like work.
Have a great week ahead friends!Earlenethank you …read more

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